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✨ KDE runs on the Apple M2!!!! ✨

With full GPU acceleration! 🚀🚀
Running Xonotic, glmark2, and eglgears at the same time!!

My 🦀 Linux kernel driver now supports the M2!! And it works out of the box with @alyssa's Mesa driver, no userspace changes needed~!!

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#KDE already joined 100+ organizations supporting a right to install any #software on any device. Now I and others are signing the #OpenLetter to show our support too.

Join us! fsfe.org/activities/upcyclinga

Let's fight the #eWaste 'tsunami' with over 4500 Eiffel towers worth generated a year (see comment).

With this right, millions of devices can stay in use and out of landfills and new devices aren't produced & shipped unnecessarily!

#Ecodesign #RightToRepair #EWWR #FreeSoftware #KDEEco #Ecology

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This is a concerning chart, showing number of reported “close friends” in decline between 1990 and 2021.

Would really like to see or explore more research into the concept of close friends and how this has changed over the past decades along with the reinvention of the word “friend” by Facebook.


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Bye bye Facebook, bye bye Twitter, the federated platforms are ready to take over! 😍

Create your account today and discover all the exciting features we built for you on Movim 🥳 #federation #movim


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“Health care data is very valuable, it is like digital gold.”

Dutch hospital ZGT turns to Nextcloud to protect their data.

Read about the solution in our case study!


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Why I left algorithm-based social media and what happened next.

A blog adaptation of a 15-minute talk.




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